Frequently Asked Questions

RFQ's Listings

What does ‘RFQ’ mean?

‘RFQ’ stands for ‘Request For Quotation’. You create ‘RFQ’ listings to advertise products or services you are interested to procure.

What are ‘INCO Terms’

Please refer to following Wikipedia link for an explanation and list of Inco Terms

What happens if I do not choose an Inco Term?

By default ‘Not specified’ will appear next to Inco Terms in your enquiry. Anyone sending you a quotation against your RFQ will quote their own.

What happens if I receive a quote from someone but choose not to accept it?

Nothing, Indoogoo does not follow your trades. Indoogoo is a social network making it easier for you to connect with and find new trading partners in your business. If you choose not to accept a person’s quotation, we recommend sending them a quick ‘thank you’ as you would if you’d received their quotation by e-mail or any other means.

What do I do if I receive a quotation for my RFQ and I want to accept it, what should I do next?

The next step would be make sure you contact the User quoting you, exchange contact information, negotiate and conduct your business as your normally would offline.

I don’t want Users other than my trusted Contacts to see my profile in my RFQ, what should I do?

If you only want your trusted contacts to know that you are the owner of the RFQ you are posting, select ‘Show my profile in RFQ only to contacts’

I’m having trouble uploading attachments and supporting documents for my RFQs, why?

Please make sure you are uploading only the following file types; .pdf .docx or .xlsx format and that each file is no larger than 10MB