Frequently Asked Questions

My Profile

I am having trouble uploading my profile pic and cover photo, why?

Make sure that you are uploading only ‘jpg’ or ‘GIF’ files and that the file sizes are no larger than 2MB. If you are still have problems shoot us a line at and we’ll have a closer look for you.

I’ve forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

To reset your password click the following link; forgot your password? Enter your e-mail address click the ‘Restore’ button. You will then receive a reset password link to your ‘inbox’ Click the link and enter your new password.

I just want to change my password, how do I do that?

Go to ‘MY INDOOGOO’ at the top right hand corner of your screen

  • o Select ‘MY PROFILE’
  • o Select ‘Profile Settings’
  • o Scroll down the page until you come to; ‘Password Setting’
  • o Enter your current password
  • o Enter and confirm your new password
How can I delete my profile?

To delete your personal account;

  • o Go to ‘MY INDOOGOO’ at the top right hand corner of your page
  • o Select ‘My Profile’
  • o Select the ‘Profile Settings’ TAB
  • o Scroll down the page to ‘Delete your account’
  • o Enter your password
  • o If you’re sure you want to Delete, select ‘CONFIRM DELETION’
What happens to my personal data and listing information once I have deleted my profile?

Just in case you made a rash decision, Indoogoo will keep all of your data on our servers for a period of 30 days. You will be able to reclaim your account within 30 days if you change your mind.

I only want my trusted contacts on Indoogoo to see my profile in my ‘RFQ’ listings or other listings. How can I appear anonymous to public Users on Indoogoo who are not in my contacts?

There are two ways you can do this;

  1. 1. If you want to make sure that your profile is only shown to your trusted contacts on any and/or all of your listings, then go to ‘MY INDOOGOO’ at the top right hand corner of your page
    • o Select ‘My Profile’
    • o Select ‘Privacy Settings’
    • o Click ‘Don’t show my profile in listing’ to the ‘ON’ position
  2. 2. You can select the same privacy setting on listings individually. Just create your listings and on the last page ‘PRICE & PRIVACY’ of either your ‘RFQ’ listing on product / service listing
    • o Select; ‘Show listing only to contacts’
What does ‘Show online status’ mean in ‘MY PROFILE’?

In your Dashboard you will find the Indoogoo live chat function, allowing you to chat for free with other members and Users around the world. When you are logged on to the site, your profile will show green, that you are online and other Users will be able to see this. If you don’t want them to see this, select ‘Do not show my online status’