Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ‘Marketplace’ and why is it important to me on Indoogoo?

The Marketplace is where all new listings will be featured. The listings displayed will correspond to any or all of the 8 main categories you selected when setting up your account. E.g. If you have selected ‘Cranes & Hoists’ you will only see listings featured in the marketplace which have been posted in the Cranes & Hoists category. If you have selected all 8 categories, you will see listings from all categories.

What is the ‘interested’ tab for?

The Interested tab filters and shows all the listings that have been posted in the categories in which I am interested.

What is the ‘Recommended’ tab for?

The Recommended tab is where Indoogoo ‘works for you’ recommending listings to you which match a similar criteria to your search history on the site. E.g. If you’ve been busy searching for a Caterpillar D9 Dozer, then Indoogoo will automatically show you any new listings matching the same criteria as your previous searches.

What is the ‘Favorite’ tab for?

When you are looking at any listing, you will notice a small star / bookmark icon in the bottom of the listing photograph in marketplace. Click this icon to favorite the listing. When you want to refer back to listings you have favorite previously, just click the ‘Favorite’ tab in your marketplace to be taken straight to them.

What is the ‘Followed’ tab for?

On Indoogoo, you have the opportunity to ‘Follow’ other Users. If you click the ‘Followed’ tab in marketplace, you will see all the listings of the Users and Contacts you follow.

What is the ‘Add Listing’ tab for?

If you are in the marketplace and want to go straight to adding a new listing yourself, just hit the ‘Add Listing’ tab and go the listing form.

What are the listing filters on Marketplace for?

The Marketplace gets heavily populated with new listings, especially if you follow more than 1 of the 8 main categories on Indoogoo. If you want to view the listings in any one particular category quickly, just select from the filter of the 8 main categories.