Frequently Asked Questions


How can I invite new contacts to my profile on Indoogoo?

Scroll down to ‘Contacts’ open on your dashboard main screen or go to the ‘Dashboard’ menu and select ‘My contacts’ then on either method, click ‘Add Contact’ Enter the name of the person you would like to add and see if they are already on Indoogoo or enter their e-mail address and click highlighted ‘invite contact’

Fill in the first name, last name in the small pop-up form (their e-mail address should already be auto-filled in the third box. Click ‘send invitation’

This will now open an Indoogoo contact invitation from your own personal inbox. Check all the details are correct and send your e-mail invitation.

I’ve invited someone twice to accept my contact invitation, they haven’t. I’ve invited them three times and now I can’t send an invitation at all, why?

On Indoogoo, we think that if you've tried twice to make contact with someone and they haven’t accepted your invitation, chances are they don’t want to, for whatever reason. Our system prevents you from trying a third time to protect the privacy of each User. We suggest you try another way of contacting them outside of Indoogoo.

Who else can see ‘my contacts’ on Indoogoo?

‘NO ONE’, your contacts on Indoogoo are ‘for your eyes-only’ and only you can see the number of contacts you have and who they are.

Does Indoogoo recommend other people’s contacts to me, or my contacts to anyone else like you see on other social networks?

‘NO’, Indoogoo does not recommend your contacts to anyone else, nor will any other User’s contacts be recommended to you.

So, how can I find more people to contact with on Indoogoo?

Indoogoo is all about the equipment, products and services people advertise on their profiles. You should initiate contact with other Users if you recognize a possibility to trade in some way or simply have an interest in their products and services.